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PortfolioSelector is a complete solution that enables investors maximize returns and minimize risks.

Investors can construct balanced optimal portfolios that provide lowest possible risk for a selected level of return; additionally, users can run backtests to validate their investment selections.

PortfolioSelector uses a state-of-the-art optimization solver, statistical models, and quantitative analysis in order to generate balanced optimal portfolios.

PortfolioSelector is organized into three main areas:

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Portfolio Management

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  • The Portfolio Management page enables users to define their own portfolios, make updates, and perform other portfolio management tasks.
  • Additionally, the solver calculates Expected Portfolio Return, Expected Portfolio Risk, and Spearman Correlation Matrix, which presents diversification results in a clean visual format.

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Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio Optimization
  • The Portfolio Optimization page is the heart of the PortfolioSelector forecasting tool. It presents optimization results, using a familiar table format and several charts.
  • Additionally, users can backtest the optimization results, compare them against their current portfolio and S&P500, and make further adjustments to meet their risk/reward goals.
  • Finally, investors can also select a different desired return, than the calculated one, and the solver will find the best possible efficient solution.

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Technical Indicators

Portfolio Optimization
  • The Technical Indicators page presents indicators that work well with the portfolio statistical optimization approach - Trend Indicators, Momentum Indicators, and Risk Indicators
  • Indicators are automatically calculated and displayed for each portfolio. Additionally, users can setup their own watchlist.

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